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We are one of the leading dog bite law offices in the Southland with over a decade of experience successfully fighting for your interests in what may well be the most difficult thing you will ever go through in your lifetime.  We’ll get you through it, so you can move forward.

James A. Hagan is a trial lawyer who has spent the majority of his professional career litigating a vast variety of complex disputes on behalf of individuals in state and federal courts throughout the Southland.  Mr. Hagan’s trial experience and, over a decade of representing family law clients, provides his clients an insight into the winning arguments, principal issues, risks, factors important to the family court, as well as the ability to evaluate less costly resolutions.  Mr. Hagan left the corporate law world to focus his practice on helping everyday individuals through difficult periods with sensitivity, determination, and the relentless pursuit of justice.  Mr. Hagan brings this breadth of experience to your matter. When you hire us, you hand off all of your problems, stress, and fears, associated with your legal matter so that you can focus on moving forward with your life: